Jobs for Maine's Graduates

What is JMG?

At JMG, it's all about the students and meeting them where they are - not where they are "supposed" to be.

Mission: JMG's mission is to identify students who face barriers to education, and to guide each one on to a successful path toward continued education, a meaningful career, and productive adulthood.

Jobs for Maine's Graduates (JMG) is a statewide nonprofit that works within Maine's public schools to help students reach their fullest potential. JMG serves more than 5,000 students from grades 6-12, in 85 programs throughout Maine. Students in JMG are full of potential, but face barriers to education. It is JMG's goal to provide these students with the skills and resources they need to overcome those challenges, and to graduate from high school prepared to succeed in postsecondary education and the workforce.

JMG programs are hosted within Maine's public schools and year-round classes are taught by JMG Specialists who serve as mentors and teachers. As mentors, the Specialists are able to meet with students, one-on-one, to re-engage them in their education and their future. The Specialists teach a hands-on, interactive curriculum that focuses on career development, job attainment and job survival, leadership and team building, communication and time management, and community service learning.

Our relationship with Maine businesses is an important part of JMG's success. By visiting our classrooms, hosting field trips and volunteering at student events, JMG's business partners help to expose students to the career opportunities that are available in Maine.

If you know of a school that you believe could benefit from a JMG program, or if you would like to learn more about JMG, please contact

For more information about JMG, please view our fact sheet (PDF) .