JMG has been helping students reach their potential and strengthening
Maine’s workforce since 1993.

We all encounter barriers to success at some point in our lives. Young people who face these challenges during their critical formative years risk falling behind in school and may fall so far behind that they see no alternative to dropping out. Without a high school diploma or plan for the future, it is very difficult to be successful in the “real” world.

JMG (Jobs for Maine's Graduates), a public/private partnership, was founded in 1993 as a dropout prevention program. As student needs have increased and the skills required to succeed in today’s workforce have evolved, JMG’s programming has evolved, as well, to include career preparation that reflects today’s job market, college transition skills, leadership opportunities, critical thinking, financial literacy, community service learning, and more.

Initially for high school students, JMG now works with students as early as the sixth grade all the way through college graduation and careers. In addition to its core programs, JMG has developed hybrid and school-wide programs, which offer tailored JMG curriculum to a broader range of students. These programs, traditionally delivered to all students within a grade level, meet the needs of schools in educating more students about organization and study skills, communication, self-awareness, character development, team-building, financial literacy, job attainment, post-secondary education options, and career research.