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Craig Larrabee President and CEO [email protected]
Kimberley Acker Lipp Executive Vice President [email protected]
Dwight Littlefield Chief Operating Officer [email protected]
Nathan Pelsma Chief Financial Officer [email protected]
David Galin Chief Strategy Officer [email protected]
Jane Golden VP, HR and Administration [email protected]
Julee Grass VP, Development and Communications [email protected]
Heather Douglass VP, Institutional Advancement [email protected]
Matt St. John Director of Operations [email protected]
Lisa Gardner Director of Stewardship [email protected]
Debbie Bechard Special Projects Manager [email protected]
Dena-Lee Shorey Accounting Specialist [email protected]
Cynthia Fortier Executive Assistant [email protected]
Sara Lozefski Coordinator of Administration and Operations [email protected]
Maureen O'Brien New Models Facilitator [email protected]
Ed Leeman Regional Manager [email protected]
Penson Bartlett Regional Manager [email protected]
Sherrye Haney Regional Manager [email protected]
Cory Paquette Regional Manager [email protected]
Ellen Benson Regional Manager [email protected]
Robin Allen Regional Manager [email protected]
Tracie Travers Career Prep and Financial Literacy Coordinator [email protected]
Michelle Bourne LEAP Coordinator [email protected]