Annual Events

JMG's annual student and fundraising events give students a chance to see what we see in them – the potential to rise to any challenge and succeed.

JMG inspires and motivates students through a variety of adventure-based and experiential learning activities that use the real world as a classroom. By connecting students to employers and community-based organizations outside of school, students begin to see life through a different lens. Students learn and are able to demonstrate leadership, decision-making, and team-building skills. They learn to take risks and to succeed in environments free from the day-to-day social constraints of school. They begin working in teams and gain insights into the value of their contributions. For JMG students, these experiences often become touchstones for personal growth, as well as motivators for learning within school.

JMG annual student events include:

To volunteer, contact Staci Beal at 207-620-7180 or [email protected]