Learn, Earn, Achieve Potential (LEAP) Initiative

Through the LEAP (Learn, Earn, and Achieve Potential) collaborative initiative, JMG provides both a competency-based high school education model, including alternative delivery options and support, and post-secondary support services for all eligible foster care youth.

In high school, JMG tailors its approach and offers flexibility in its program, curriculum, and delivery model to offer a continuum of high-value support to all youth in care served through this alternative model. Youth receive personalized guidance and support (one-on-one counseling, group work, out-of-school time). JMG’s Specialists deliver curriculum to help ensure youth attain a multitude of skill-based competencies to prepare them for post-secondary education and career pathways.

Youth will also be provided seamless college retention and success supports after high school on any of the seven college campuses on which JMG has a college success program. In addition to implementing JMG’s College Success Program, JMG Specialists will integrate components of the Jobs for the Future Back on Track bridging and retention model, collaborating closely with the Muskie School of Public Service. The JMG College Success Specialists will provide LEAP college students with a range of individualized services including academic, social, and financial support and will meet with students at least weekly during the first year of school.

JMG STAFF: Michelle Bourne