Provide direct support to Maine students through our annual Student Enrichment Program!

JMG offers annual sponsorship opportunities for a variety of student enrichment events, including conferences, career associations, and recognition awards. Donations directly support student participation in JMG programs. The ongoing support of the Maine business community is a fundamental part of JMG’s success. These opportunities range from $100 to lead sponsorship levels ranging from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on the size and scope of the event. Supporting businesses receive recognition for their contributions in many ways, on both the local and statewide level, through JMG’s website, social media, and print materials. 

To find out more about these opportunities, call or write: 

Charity West, VP of Innovation and Development
65 Stone Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

Career Association

All 86 of JMG’s statewide middle and high school programs have student-led associations that introduce team-building, leadership, and communication skills. All JMG students participate in their local Career Associations, where they lead and organize community service activities and learn a variety of competencies through philanthropy. JMG's academic curriculum is tied directly to these projects and incorporates financial education, written and communication skills, conflict resolution, the importance of constructive feedback, and includes skill building such as telephone and email etiquette.

Full sponsorship - $90,000

Leadership Education Conference (LEC)

This conference spans three days to accommodate all 86 of JMG’s statewide middle and high school programs. Elected Career Association officers and rising leaders travel to Central Maine to share ideas and develop plans for fundraising and community service, compete in leadership training and team-building exercises, and develop group dynamic. "This morning, I jumped out of bed, because today was important to me. I have to start thinking about my future. We talk about this a lot in JMG." Sophomore, Rockland

Full sponsorship - $100,000

Career Development Conference (CDC)

JMG’s largest event of the year celebrates the accomplishments of more than 600 career- and college-ready JMG juniors and seniors. Located at Thomas College, students participate in a full day of competitive events that measure skills in interviewing, job preparedness, team work, communication, and leadership. Competitions are judged by approximately 80 business and community volunteers from around the state. Students, who may not receive recognition in traditional graduation ceremonies, are awarded and recognized for their accomplishments in college/career readiness. This event also features student-designed exhibits and a Career Expo with businesses and higher education institutions from all over Maine. “[CDC] was a terrific networking opportunity. You need to make connections. These are people who can help you get to where you want to go." Senior, Brewer

Full sponsorship - $100,000

Local Regional Student Events

JMG’s statewide programs are organized into three regions: north, central, and south. Each region hosts one to two events each year that bring students together for a common purpose. Typically, each event reinforces JMG’s focus on philanthropy, offers a new learning environment, and supports JMG curriculum such as leadership, communication, and workforce preparedness. Past events have included benefit walks, community cleanup, tours of business centers, and outdoor adventures. “I love JMG. It’s a fun class, but teaches me to focus on the important things like school, and being a better person, a good person. “ 8th Grader, Freeport

Full sponsorship - $60,000

Urban Adventure

More than 150 JMG 8th grade students travel to Portland for an exciting overnight to tour the Old Port and engage with businesses from a variety of industries including retail, law enforcement, fishing, technology, and more. Volunteer business hosts share their personal career paths and career options within their industries. Students practice communication, social skills, problem-solving, group decision making, and networking skills throughout the day. The overnight is a celebration and opportunity to make friends from other parts of the state. The second day is comprised of job preparedness exercises and workshops, administered by generous business volunteers. “Urban Adventure will definitely be my biggest highlight of my year in 8th grade, and will be something I will remember my whole life.” 8th Grader, Mt. View

Full sponsorship - $40,000 FULLY SPONSORED BY UNUM

Other Opportunities

CDC Table Sponsor: $250
100 Available
‘Table Sponsored by [Your Business]’ placard at one CDC table

Student of Distinction Award: $100
10 Available
‘Award Sponsored by [Your Business]’ presented to a current or alumni student during the academic year