Maine Compass Career Collaborative

The Maine Compass Career Collaborative virtual experience opened to all of Maine’s middle and high school students, free of charge, in April of 2021.

This virtual platform was created in partnership by JMG and Maine’s GEAR UP.  Maine Compass Career Collaborative is an on-demand career and post-secondary resource for Maine’s students in grades 7 through 12. The site will be universally accessible to all middle school and high school students in Maine.

The Maine Compass Career Collaborative will allow the virtual capacity to conducting classes, workshops and training seminars in the field of education, career assessment, post-secondary education, job skills, and workforce development. It will also hold as a repository for the distribution of training materials in connection therewith to employers to assist them with providing internship and employment opportunities to high school students. The Maine Compass Career Collaborative will continue to build upon its efforts to connect the worlds of public education and employers and workforce development.  This platform offers resources to meet middle school and high school students where they are at to assist them with the transition from school to the workforce and to higher education

Detail of Maine Compass Career Collaborative include:

“This is not a one-time event. The site will always be ‘open’ with on-demand resources to help students develop real-world skills and explore all of the post-secondary and career pathway opportunities that exist in Maine,” explains Debbie Gilmer, President of Syntiro, the non-profit organization that leads Maine’s GEAR UP grant. GEAR UP Maine is a statewide initiative, in collaboration with the University of Maine at Farmington, to support students on pathways to high school graduation and post-secondary education.

  • The site will include information about Maine’s public university and community college systems, private colleges such as Thomas College, and other programs that support post-secondary education such as the Bridge Academy and the Alfond Scholarship Foundation. It will also provide an on-going resource for students to learn the wide variety and increasing number of post-secondary credentials offered directly by Maine’s employers such as the E.J. Prescott UP training program.
  • “We wanted to include the word “Collaborative” in the title of the Maine Compass Career Collaborative because we are actively seeking partners to join us in this effort. We will continue to build training and education opportunities for both employers and students, consistently building content free to students,” says Craig Larrabee, CEO and President of JMG. “In addition to being informational, it’s also going to be a lot of fun for students. We look forward to welcoming more partners as we continue to build this platform.”
  • The Maine Compass Career Collaborative will include a post-secondary exploration hall, an employer engagement experience, financial literacy education, information about how to write a resume and apply for college and jobs, digital literacy resources, including how students can be their own brand ambassadors, and additional support such as public speaking, professional dress guides, and how to make a good impression.

Registration for the platform can be found at: