JMG is modeled after America’s largest and most significant school-to-career organization, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG). For 22 consecutive years, JMG has been recognized by JAG as the best program of its kind in the nation because its outcomes consistently exceed the national standards.

The four-year graduation rate for JMG students is consistently 90 percent higher year after year compared with the state graduation rate of 86 percent. One year after graduation, 85 percent of JMG graduates are engaged in continuing their education, working or a combination of both. According to a Maine Department of Labor study, JMG graduates are also earning 14 percent more in salaries and wages than other workers their age six years after graduation.

JMG has served more than 35,000 Maine students since its inception. It continues to grow and expand, aiming to help more students and provide a continuum of support throughout their educational careers to ensure success is within reach of every JMG student. It now offers more than 91 programs in 80 schools, colleges and universities throughout the state, teaching and providing guidance to more than 6,500 students annually.