Since 1993, JMG has been dedicated to serving these and other Maine students with barriers to success. During the past year four research evaluations have been performed on the JMG program. This research, conducted by independent evaluators, provide new insights into the JMG model. The findings are both affirming and a call to action. They show definitively that the JMG model is working, but that more must be done to help disadvantaged students succeed in college and careers.  Today, JMG is reaffirming its commitment to Maine’s youth, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged, have a disability, or are in foster care. JMG is using this new research to refine its curriculum, programming, and organizational structure to better support the needs of these youth, and in doing so not only help them, but also address challenges to Maine’s workforce and economy. This memo provides a summary of the recent research and JMG’s organizational response.

Take a look at a summary of our latest evidence.