Sam L. Cohen Foundation Receives JMG Compass Award

JMG’s annual Statewide meetings have always been a time of celebration; a chance for the entire company to come together to reflect back over our accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned. We celebrate our student outcomes; the hard work and commitment of our Specialists; and, the generosity of our partners.

We are excited to announce that during JMG's Statewide meeting, we recognized one of those partners, presenting the Sam L. Cohen Foundation with the JMG Compass Award for its investment in our organization and longstanding commitment to our students.

That commitment started nearly two decades ago, in March of 1998. The Foundation made a significant first gift; a 5-year investment supporting JMG’s drop-out prevention and career preparation services. Since then, the Foundation has continued to provide important funding – contributing to JMG’s ability to grow from serving 2,000 students to helping more than 6,500 young people reach their potential each year.

In accepting the JMG Compass Award, Executive Director of the Foundation John Shoos said, “I’m honored to receive the JMG Compass Award on behalf of the Sam L. Cohen Foundation. We really appreciate the work you all do. We know it makes a big different in kids’ lives. There is a great connection between the Foundation and JMG. (Sam Cohen) was very people -centered. I know he would be very pleased to support this student-centered organization. Thank you to each of you for choosing to be in this field. You have put your passion into this work and it really shows.”